When you lose a loved one, your primary step is to give them a respectful and meaningful farewell. The two most traditional ceremony options are traditional burial and direct cremation. Direct cremation is much more popular and convenient. It allows you to customise the memorial service according to your loved one’s preferences.

How to Plan a Proper Direct Cremation Ceremony:

  • Transportation of the Mortal Remains: After your loved one’s death, you must arrange for proper transportation. Look for a hearse or other mobility option that can transfer the your loved one to a cremation chamber. Most funeral services include this step in their package. It is a specifically designed service that ensures they are transported with the utmost care and dignity.
  • Confirm the Memorialising Option: Once you have cremated your loved one, you may need to plan for the memorialising options. Once they have been cremated, you have the option to place them in an urn, or scatter them at a specific location. Plan the memorialising step according to the wishes of your loved one. This will provide an extra layer of meaning to a direct cremation.
  • Planning a Cremation Service: Whilst it’s a celebration of life, a cremation is often seen as a sad event. It allows you, your family members and acquaintances to honour the life and legacy of the departed one. In direct cremation, the planner does not follow any rigid order. You have the flexibility to choose when, how and where this service will take place.
  • Taking Help of Technology: If you do not have enough space to congregate the guests, you can always use modern technology. You can always opt for a virtual funeral, which is a part of the direct cremation process. It makes the memorial service more accessible to persons who are unable to attend the event.

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