Are you planning to attend a funeral? You’re definitely filled with deep and mixed emotions. Especially if you’re attending the funeral of a dear one, then keeping a sane mind can be difficult. However, unlike any other gathering, a funeral is an emotional gathering, and you need to keep a few etiquettes in mind to ensure that the emotions of others present in the funeral service are not hurt.


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What are the etiquettes of a funeral service?

Dress and attire

Funerals are not a joyous occasion. Black is no longer the mandatory colour of funerals. However, ensure you do not wear bright colours that give a happy vibe. Stick to dull and normal colours like black, brown and grey, so your attire doesn’t make you look different from the crowd. Also, make sure that you don’t wear anything fancy. Stick to the basics and formals, for that matter. Try to wear ironed clothes well.

Funeral speech

This might seem uncomfortable. However, everyone at the funeral must share good memories of the deceased. Do not be emotional; prepare beforehand and keep it short. Exaggerating the speech unnecessarily will make the process lengthy. Also, try to share the good things about the person and avoid the bitter parts.

Last Goodbye

Many people do not want to see the dead body during the funeral. Although that is a personal choice, viewing the body is a part of paying respect to the person. So, keeping this thought in mind, it is always advisable to view the deceased’s body.


Types of funeral flowers

You’re not expected to take anything to the funeral service except flowers. Ensure you take fresh white or any light-coloured flowers to the funeral service. However, also consider the cultural situations in mind before attending the funeral. If there are cultural boundaries on carrying flowers, refrain from taking the same.


You must remember to stay silent and composed throughout the funeral service. If you’re bringing children to the funeral, brief them about the type of service, the importance, and how they should behave there.


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