Direct cremation is a simple process in which the remains of the person are cremated after their death. With a direct cremation process, the complexities of the funeral process can be mitigated. Hence, this is a preferred choice for many. As per the deceased’s wish, the remains are sent directly to the family for cremation.

If you’re looking for professionals to help you arrange direct cremation in Leicester for your loved ones, contact professional companies. Here are a few unique facts about cremation.

What are the essential facts about direct cremation?

You can still arrange a memorial service

Many people think that a cremation service does not allow memorial services to be held. However, this is a personal choice. You can easily help at a memorial service right after the cremation has been completed.

There are no constraints and no additional requirements for the memorial service.

You don’t have to purchase an expensive casket

Direct cremation eliminates the need to purchase or even rent expensive caskets. However, a casket is a major necessity for funeral services, which increases the expenses.

However, for the direct cremation process, there’s no need for caskets.

You can save money with direct cremation

Since there’s no elaboration in the process, direct cremation can help you save money. This is an affordable end-of-life option. On the other hand, burials are generally high in cost. For cremation, there’s no requirement for caskets or memorial ceremonies, making it an affordable alternative.

You can witness the direct cremation of your loved one

Most of the cremation providers allow the family and friends of the deceased to witness the direct cremation process. Although it might seem distressing for many, others would not want to miss the last chance to bid goodbye to their loved ones.

You can plan direct cremation in a simple manner

Funerals are elaborate. You need to arrange for many things before a funeral. However, with a direct cremation, the process becomes easy and less stressful. Once the paperwork and certifications are done, you can proceed with the cremation. In the moments of grief, the simplicity of the process is peaceful.

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