Low-cost funerals give more customisation options and occasions to honour and respect the deceased’s life as it was lived. It is difficult to create a budget for the funeral when a loved person has passed away. A non-attended or direct cremation is generally one of the options for low-cost funerals in Leicester. It is a cremation where no formal service is arranged. Hence you don’t need to hire a chapel service, nor do you need flowers or decorations.

If you’re thinking of planning a low-cost funeral in Leicester, then here’s a list of tips that you can follow and save some money in the process.

How To Plan a Low-Cost funeral?

1. Expectations from the funeral.

If you’re thinking of planning a low-cost funeral, you must have the plan set up from the very beginning. For that, you must set up your expectations first. What kind of funeral do you want? Do you want a chapel service? What number of guests do you want to invite? Before setting up the low-cost funeral, everything needs to be sorted out first. Only then can you effectively arrange a low-cost funeral.

2. Negotiate the price.

Funeral planning typically occurs when families are emotionally fragile and lack the energy to haggle over costs. But just like any other business, you might be able to negotiate a lower price with the funeral director for some service components. Don’t be embarrassed to do so, as this is a business opportunity for others.

3. Inform the arrangers about the budget.

When you ask for prices, it’s crucial to be upfront about keeping costs to a minimum if you’re organising a low-cost funeral. What you want and don’t want to be a part of the funeral service should be communicated to the funeral director. For instance, if you desire an unattended funeral or have a set spending limit, let the funeral home know so that they can provide a service that fits your requirements and budget.

4. Choose a low-cost coffin.

As they are constructed from recycled materials and lack pricey accents like gold handles and silk pillows, cardboard coffins or caskets are a less expensive option. This sustainable alternative is often used for direct cremations, but because it is more affordable, has a smaller carbon footprint, and can be customised, it is becoming increasingly common in attended funerals.

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