South Wigston’s foremost guide to a humanist funeral

Humanist and other non-religious services are becoming ever more popular and we at A.J. Adkinson & Son are at the forefront of this development in South Wigston and Leicestershire. We have long operated a services room so people can gather in an area not officially designated as a chapel.

Choosing a non-religious funeral

Many of our clients do not follow a religion. A civil or humanist funeral is often chosen because it reflects the outlook of the deceased, focusing on the life of the person who has died.

What to expect

Although every funeral is unique, non-religious and humanist funerals may often contain similar elements. We can help you to plan a service that could include, for instance, music, eulogy, poetry readings and prose, as well as private time for reflection.

Personalising your funeral readings and more

As with all AJ Adkinson & Son services, we can tailor your non-religious or humanist funeral to exactly match requirements. From funeral readings to replacements for hymns, we’re happy to discuss and plan the most fitting of funerals for those based in South Wigston, Leicestershire and nearby.

Is a non-religious funeral right for your loved one? Visit us in South Wigston for an in-depth discussion with our team.