Exclusive Prepaid Funeral Plans in Leicester

Pre-planning the arrangements for the funeral of a loved one can seem to be a weird thought. It rarely occurs in an individual’s mind that they should prepare a funeral plan beforehand. For those willing to propose a funeral plan for themselves, R.C.Weston & Son can help in the venture. We offer a range of affordable funeral plans in Leicester that will help you carry out your funeral just as you would have imagined it.

Get Peace of Mind with Pre-arranged Funeral Plans

Having known the fact that you have already arranged for your funeral can be seemingly peaceful. We know that, and hence we help you with the same. Our team of independent funeral managers will sit with you and ask you about your desires. You can choose from many multi-faith funeral plans and plan the same way you have imagined.

Catering to personalised requests

Death is a loss and can be painful for the deceased’s family. Personalised requests about the coffins or other decorations can be complex during such times. It might not come to the mind of the relatives readily. With us, you get the opportunity of making a pre-plan. Share your personalised needs and likings, and we will fulfil your desires after your death. With us, you can get a range of customisation options like:

  • You can choose the material and design of the coffin
  • You can suggest the colour and type of flowers you love
  • You can ask for the type of transportation that you want for your last rites

Our professional team will guide your relatives about the funeral even when you’re not present with them. If you need help choosing a feasible and customisable funeral plan in Leicester, approach us.

We welcome special requests

It’s important to us that we can arrange a funeral which truly encapsulates the life of of each individual. If you have any special transportation requests, no matter how big or small, we’re here to discuss your wishes and will try our best to make them a reality.

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